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Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is located in the south-west of the country, and its capital is Yasuj. The province covers an area of 16,246 square kilometers, and has an estimeateda population of 650,000. The province covers an area and fills population of 1 percent of the whole country. The province constitutes of 5 counties of 7 counties of 'Boyer-Ahmad (whose capital is Yasuj, the capital of the province)', 'Behmaei (whose capital is Leikak)', 'Dena (whose capital is Sisakht)', 'Kohgiluyeh (whose capital is Dehdasht)', 'Gachsaran (whose capital is Dogonbadan)', 'Cheram (whose capital is Cheram)' and 'Basht (whose capital is Basht)'. .... (Read More)


The chairmanship of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad within period of Muslim Arab attack has been part of inland Persia and has been ruled by Roozbeh. After him, his son, Mehregan and after him, Salmeh governed the land. ... (Read More)
Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad today
Yasuj has had a long history, being occupied at least since the early Bronze Age. Of note are the Martyrs Hills (dating from third millinium B.C), Khosravi Hill from the Achaemenian period, the ancient site of Gerd, the   ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:

    The overall length of roads: 14105 Km
    Artesian roads: 445 Km
    Equivalent roads: 13660
    Freeways: N/A
    Highways: 21 Km ... (Read More)

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